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Awakening of Internal Tao Heart

What is Tao Shiatsu?

Why were we born in this world?

And why do we exist now?

Actually, I didn’t realize myself for a long time what the essence of Tao Shiatsu is.

I was just thinking about how to pass the teachings of Master Masunaga to people in this time age.

My concern was in building up the teaching and treatment system

So that people can receive real meridian treatment.


It was quite a shock then when I realized that the reason for the existence of Tao Shiatsu

is much deeper than what I had thought it was while creating the Tao Shiatsu system.


As a matter of fact Tao Shiatsu can only be practiced by forgetting about one’s self and hoping the best for others. That means i just one or more people are able to do Tao Shiatsu then this increases

the number of people who are living with Tao heart.

We get closer to a world, which is not about taking from each other but giving to each other.

This is the vow or wish of the Tao that brought Tao Shiatsu into this world.


“May all people live with unconditional love

and be in the Tao Heart state which makes Tao Shiatsu possible.”

This prayer is Tao Shiatsu itself.

When this prayer become your own wish, your own vow,

then Tao Shiatsu’s Ki Method will not only give healing to the patient, but to all beings.


An interesting aspect of this is that it’s not “when you have Tao heart”

It’s when you have the prayer that:

“All people may exist with Tao heart and be able to do Tao Shiatsu”.

When this wish / vow comes up from your heart, when you are living with this wish,

when the purpose of your life becomes accomplishment of this wish,

then at this time the Ki Method, which unifies Super Vessel and the bottom of kyo,

will happen so easily.


This wish or vow is in everybody’s heart.

And this wish, interestingly, is inside of the seed of our ego.

Desperately hoping that all people increase Tao heart

holds back people’s ego seed from coming out and hurting others.


If you do this the seed of your own ego will open and grow as a flower.

By breaking the shell of the seed from inside, it expands universally and will unify with all existence.

(Which we experience in Tao Aiki as a reality of the Ki world)


Actually Tao Shiatsu only exists in our hearts – the center of the center of the heart.

Philosophy and technique – all of the things, which you can experience as outside of yourself –

is not the substance of Tao Shiatsu.

External Tao Shiatsu is just a shadow of the internal Tao heart,

Which is the true substance is what exists inside, inside the heart of all human beings.


Moment to moment, and then the next moment

Hold the ego seed of all people from coming up

And desperately hope that the Tao Heart of all people increases.


This wish, this vow moves us to do the Ki Method so that healing affects to all, as sesshin.


So then internal Tao Shiatsu is Buddha nature, the sacred heart of Christ,

the absolute existence of the universe as Amidha Buddha, God, or the emptiness.

Whatever name we call it by it the source of life

which the Greeks called “To Hen” or The One.


The wish, the vow from “The One” to all beings

This is Tao Shiatsu.


Please, please realize that this is the essence of Tao Shiatsu.

Make your wish the very wish of the universe from which Tao Shiatsu was born.

Please awaken internal Tao Shiatsu, which exists in the center of the center of the heart.

And please practice Tao Shiatsu for all people and for the world,

with the wish and the vow that the Tao Heart of all people in the world will increase.


I desperately pray for this

For you and for all beings.


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