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Interactive 5-week class based on Buddhist principles and Compassionate Communication
Next Class: Saturdays, Nov. 2-30, 2019, 12:30~4:00pm

Listening and communicating with empathy and compassion make friendships, family life, workplaces, and our world both more enjoyable and affirming. When listened to well, people feel safe to be themselves and are able to contribute their best. The Heart of Communication class is a great opportunity to learn how to deeply listen with your heart and fully support others from your Buddha nature, without judgement or advice. It is also a chance to express yourself and to feel understood and accepted. Practice will be in small groups and pairs, with participants taking turns listening, talking and responding.

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Supporting others fully

  • listen with your heart, your innate empathy
  • be present, respond rather than react
  • accept another’s pain and joy

Expressing yourself

  • connect to your Buddha nature4+Torontocrp
  • discover what you really need
  • learn how to deeply wish for and request what you want

Developing Bodhisattva Heart of compassion

  • learn to shift your attention and intention to the universal (bigger picture)
  • experience Buddhist meditations and chanting practice

This class will also include Buddhist teachings, meditations, and the practice of Buddhist Chanting (Nembutsu).


One doesn’t need to become Buddhist 
to learn, practice, share and benefit!
Join this course to 
experience it all for yourself


No experience necessary . . . . . Everyone is Welcome! . . . . .  Register Today!

Instructor: Annie (Deborah) Bachmann
5 Saturdays, 12:30 ~ 4:00pm
Location: Tao Sangha Healing Center Madison
Fee: $175-$250  Please register by Oct. 30th.

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