Madison Ki and Heart Workshop

Tao Heart
Ki and Heart Workshop

Ki and Heart Workshop

Monthly on Second Sunday each month 10:30 am ~ 12:30 pm

Power of Ki workshop
Hakki-Ho – fun Ki practice

Sunday, December 8
Sunday January 12 
Sunday, February 9 

December topic is Giving Heart (Rita)
Fee:  $20 per class, RSVPs appreciated

Experience the magical power of Ki* and its’ capacity to help us create a happier life for ourselves and for others. Through partner based practices, you will experience how the state of your heart and imagination affects your body, those around you and your future. We’ll study a different topic each month. Adults, Couples, Singles, Children, Families all welcome!  Come and awaken the power of your heart!

*Ki = vital life energy, heart, spirit

Meridian Yoga – liver and gall Bladder

Course Practices

Meridian Yoga are partner stretches designed to open energy meridians and increase physical flexibility and general well being.
Renki Exercises are simple meditative movements, similar to Tai chi, that calm the mind and boost the ki flow in the body.
Ki Meditation is a practice to strengthen your intentions for healing yourself and others.
Community Shiatsu is hands-on healing touch to help each other relax and center

Renki 2
Renki (Tai Chi) – invigorate yourself
Ki & Heart Meditative Class
Ki Meditation – Healing self, others, the world
Community Shiatsu – lean in with your caring heart







Annie (Deborah) Bachmann is a Ki Shin Do and Tao Shiatsu practitioner and instructor with the Tao Sangha Healing Center.
She has been in practice in Madison since 1995. Please contact her with any questions and to reserve a place in each workshop.

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