Tao Shiatsu Basic Training Course: Montreal


Take the first steps to becoming a certified Tao Shiatsu practitioner

The Tao Shiatsu Basic Training Course (Montreal) will teach you how to share the healing power of this revolutionary Japanese healing method. This unique and cutting-edge training program begins the weekend of February 2-3, 2019, and continues one weekend per month for five months.

Tao Shiatsu is based on the Buddhist (Mahayana) and Taoist concepts of unification with the Universal Spirit, and deep compassion for and oneness of all human beings. In addition, Tao Shiatsu is recognized around the world as one of the most effective healing modalities available. Most of all, in the spirit of Eastern Medicine’s holistic approach to health, the Meridian method of Tao Shiatsu is the real expression of the practitioner’s heart and spirit.

To register please call 514-939-0773 or email montrealtaosangha@gmail.com

What You Will Get From the Tao Shiatsu Training Program

As a participant in the program, you will study and have hands-on practice of each of the five elements of Tao Shiatsu including:

  • Meridian Yoga: a form of partner yoga for increasing Ki
  • Renki: a moving meditation designed to strengthen Ki (similar to Tao Chi)
  • Tsubo treatment: study of pressure points
  • Meridian treatment: treating the energetic pathways of body, mind, and spirit, and
  • Tao Shiatsu Basic Form

Furthermore, participants will learn ancient Japanese meditative and energetic practices including:

  • Aiki: an energetic martial art that develops energy-body sensitivity
  • Heart Practice: meditative practices to broaden one’s awareness of how the Ki world and Heart state affect all of life, and
  • Ki Oneness: meditation exercises to discover how to unify with others and the world

Cost: $1080 (tax included) (or $180 per weekend)

(Please note that the Power of Ki workshop on January 27th is a pre-requisite before registering for the Tao Shiatsu Training)

To register please call 514-939-0773 or email montrealtaosangha@gmail.com

Course dates 2019: February 2-3, March 2-3, March 30-31, April 27-28, May 25-26, and June 15-16