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In this Tao Shiatsu workshop, experience the magical power of Ki (universal life energy) and its capacity to help us create a happier and more abundant life for ourselves and others. This free workshop will awaken your spirit and rekindle your healing abilities.

Thursday, October 22, 2020, from 6:00-9:00 PM. This is a gift workshop. Give according to what you feel you have received. Your gift will allow others after you to receive this gift workshop in the future.

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What Is the Power of Ki?

By directly drawing on the power of Ki we will learn how to:

  • Awaken the Heart of a Bodhisattva and help others to discover theirs
  • Experience the four kinds of enlightenment
  • Create a bright future for all
  • Deepen the generosity of the Heart
  • Discover your real wish for the world

No previous knowledge or experience required! This will be a bilingual participatory workshop, and the prerequisite to enroll in the Introductory Tao Shiatsu course that begins in January 2021 in Dunham.

What you will accomplish and learn during the workshop:

  • Meridian yoga
  • Ki Oneness guided meditative exercises to increase our sensitivity to (universal life energy)
  • Learn how to find ‘tsubo’ (pressure points along the meridians)
  • Use Buddhist chant to heal self and others
  • Learn the foundational principles behind Tao Shiatsu and experience its healing power

“This is definitely different. I have never had such an immediate and direct experience in feeling other’s Ki, seeing how much my intentions can influence others. I realized my responsibility towards others and the world.” Maria S. (former student)

Where: Tao Sangha Healing Centre, 3809 route 202 (Principale), suite 206, Dunham QC

To register or for further information please call: 450-295-1470 or by email: lawrence.lefcort@taosangha.com

Click here to watch a video clip from the Power of Ki workshop: https://taosangha-na.com/learning/power-of-ki-workshop/

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