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Through the practice of Nembutsu healing chanting, we heighten our spiritual awareness and we help ourselves and others to heal.

Nembutsu (念仏) chanting is an ancient Buddhist practice in which we recite “Nam Amida Butsu,” which means “I follow/return back to Amida Buddha” (the source of All that is). Amida Buddha is also called the “Universal Buddha.”

Now every Wednesday evening from 6:30-7:30 PM

Everyone is welcome! By donation.

Tao Sangha Healing Center of the Eastern Townships

3809 route 202 (Principale), suite 206, Dunham QC

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What is Nembutsu Healing Chanting?

The ancient practice of Nembutsu involves mindfulness of Amida Buddha, and the recitation of the sacred name, Namu Amida Butsu, which means “I follow/return back to Amida Buddha.” Through the practice of Nembutsu, people share and derive spiritual benefit for themselves and others.

Nembutsu Chanting (click here to download Chanting Sheet)
Click here to see Nembutsu video on YouTube

What is the Purpose of Nembutsu?

1) To allow all beings and spirits go to Pure Land, which is to live in a peaceful and happy state in this world. Enlightenment right here, right now.
2) For all to receive the merit, wisdom, compassion, majestic power and great love of Amida Buddha.

Why practice Nembutsu?

In our daily lives it is easy to feel separated and cut off from the Source of what is, from other people, and even from ourselves. We are all looking for ways to overcome the suffering in our lives, and to unify with ourselves and all other beings. Through the practice of Nembutsu we realize that there is no separation between our own happiness and that of others. By genuinely wishing for others to overcome and reach peace and happiness, we contribute to our own well being and inner harmony. This is the core teaching of Mahayana Pure Land Buddhism.
Pure Land Buddhism encourages us to heed the bidding of Shakyamuni in the Larger Amida Sutra, and to relinquish all of our spiritual needs to Amida Buddha. In so doing, we accept the Vow (will, mind or intention) and the Name of Amida (“Namu Amida Butsu”) and, therefore, our ultimate destiny – Buddhahood, Nirvana. When this happens, our life becomes a joyful adventure, characterised by a sense of indebtedness and gratitude.

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