Buddha Nature Body

Buddha Nature Body

Did you know,
such a huge body you have?
Bigger even than the stratosphere of this planet,
yet bordered by such a thin film.
….. That is the Buddha nature body.

The Buddha nature body breathes.
The border expands and shrinks with the rhythm of your breath.

As the physical body breaths the air,
what the Buddha nature body breathes,
is the great love of the One.

When you realize it,
your body will be sweetly melted by the great love.

Pleasure and sadness,
are melted as one and become warmth.

You will be fulfilled with happiness,
and with the overwhelming tenderness and kindness of great love.

In the Buddha nature body,
there are seeds dancing like quantum particles.

So, Let’s just give and give to others the great love.
Let‘s be in peace and peace,
embraced by the tenderness of the great love.

When the great love dwells within your spirit,
every cell starts to vibrate comfortably.

The light of the quantum particles is dancing,
in the stratosphere of the Buddha nature body.

The Buddha nature body,
is what you should imagine as the center of the universe.

When your Buddha nature body become one,
with all of the Buddhas in your image,
you will unify with Sambhogakaya the Universal Buddha at the center of the universe.

The gate of the Pure Land,
is your Buddha nature body.


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