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Dharma Body

Of no form and no fixed size,
which can expand as infinitely,
as the emptiness of the universe,
is your Dharma body.

Even to such a mysterious body,
can you be awakened?

And if you stand on the Dharma body,
it even can touch the Dharmakaya,
the emptiness of the universal spirit.

When the emptiness of your Dharma body,
faces and meets,
the emptiness of the Dharmakaya,
you can touch the infinite light of Dharmakaya.

as written in the sutra,
your body and heart will transform to be flexible,
and your spirit will go forward to the enlightened way.

For the infinite development of the whole universe,
such prayers keep appearing from your heart spontaneously.

For all existences to unify and infinitely develop spiritually,
is the essence of the universe.
It appears in your heart,
in the moment when your Dharma body,
and the spirit of the universe touch.

Infinite spiritual merit is the essence of the “emptiness”.

The merit of the emptiness creates, produces, and raises,
all universal existence.

And realizes as Rupa (phenomenon)
the whole ten worlds from the fires of hell
to the billions of illuminated of the Pure Land palace.

The emptiness is the source of all,
creating the whole universal three thousand worlds.
This is the meaning of “Ku Soku Zei Shiki (emptiness is phenomenon) ”
in the Heart Sutra.

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