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The spiritual body is smaller than your physical body.
Like a person inside a cartoon character costume,
the spiritual body is inside of your physical body.

And the spiritual body holds the seeds of your Karma.

To unify your karma and the holy spirit,
is the role of the spiritual body.

Since ancient times,
the spiritual bodies of all saints,
both East and West,
were filled with the holy spirit,
unified with Karma.

The seeds of the Buddha nature start to shoot out from your Ki body,
when your spiritual body belongs fully to the One.

Then the actions of the One will be your actions,
it is the appearance of “Dharma Nature action wisdom”.

That’s the reason why,
you must not shut your eyes to your Karma,
but face it sincerely.

Visualize the image form of the holy spirit,
and welcome it into your heart respectfully.

Your actions will be the landscape of the Pure Land,
your Ki will echo with mountains, rivers, grasses, trees, and the whole of nature,
in the moment when your Karma and the holy spirit begin to unify.


from Facebook Page “Song of Tao”

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