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3 Ways of Cultivating Spiritual Wisdom in your Life

What is called the Ultimate Heart is an emotion coming from within the truth that dwells in the deepest region of our heart. To discover this and awaken it is not an easy task. Most people leave this world when they die without ever really waking up this emotion from its sleep. However, it is not to exaggerate to say that our true human life begins at the moment we awaken to this, the Ultimate Heart.
When you look inside yourself, what is the first thing you become aware of?

It is nothing more than the physical sensation of the body felt each moment. This sensation changes each and every moment and manifests itself as the sensation of the whole body. In the usual state of consciousness, especially when we are overwhelmed with daily life, it is often difficult to become aware of this sensation. This is the reason for not clearly seeing our own hearts. Following the previous step, where you became aware of a physical sensation developing into the whole body, now observe the heart that lies even deeper. Here you will discover many suppressed emotions that have accumulated here. They could be loneliness, fear, sadness, a feeling of helplessness, the impression of being left behind, anger, despair, and so on.

What is anger? It is the sadness of not being understood; the transformation of the
emotion of desperately wishing to be understood.

What is sadness? It is the pain that results from not receiving enough care.

What is fear? It arises from the anxiety of feeling your existence has been disregarded, that you don’t deserve a life that appears to have no value.

If we could express with one word the emotion that is dwelling in the deepest region of this suppressed heart, it would probably be “cry” – simply the cry of the heart!
This is precisely it. Without any words, there is only the wish to cry.
In the most profound area of our heart, we are always, always “crying.”
What is it that makes us want to cry? What kind of feeling is hiding behind it?
There is a “wish”. An extremely strong wish that nobody else should have to experience the pain we are experiencing right now.

More deeply in the heart is a powerful force, full of vigor, bounding as if it could overflow.

This is the heart that is willing to give to everyone so intensely that it feels pain,
So intensely that it feels sadness. It is the wish to give!
I’d like to give consolation…
I’d like to give joy…
I’d like to give love…
I’d like to give solicitude…
I’d like to give happiness…
Or whatever it is the best thing in human life!

This is your true heart, which had been hidden. It is the real purpose of your life.
It is the reason for which you have been born (your mission).
Thanks to this, you will be able to reach the awareness that all the sad and painful experiences of the past were all aimed at making you realize the reason for which you have been born. To awaken the mission you have to accomplish in your life.”

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