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KiShinDo: Ki and Heart Course, Part 1

All that is needed is a sense of humor and a wish to increase your Giving Heart


This is an introductory course to experience Eastern philosophy and healing practices. Class participants will learn and practice six Spiritual health practices that unify the heart & body with universal life force known as “Ki”.

It’s also a chance to understand the complexity of the human heart, to heal, and increase health, happiness, positive attitudes, and a bright future for yourself and others. Each week will have a different heart theme to practice, such as; Purpose of life, Gratitude, Giving Heart, Creating good fortune, and more…

The Ki and Heart course is for everyone from complete beginners to experienced bodyworkers, meditators, and marital artists. Students new to Eastern understandings of Ki, ‘life energy’ will find the opportunity to experience the relationships between imagination, Ki and the state of one’s heart inspiring and beneficial.

Ki and Heart Participant Comments

Ki and Heart has given me the opportunity to experience what it means to live with a deep wish for a bright future and the spiritual growth for all beings. I wish to continue this opportunity for others for the rest of my life.
Ki and Heart Participant
This is definitely different. I have never had such an immediate and direct experience in feeling others Ki energy; seeing how much my thoughts and intentions can influence others, I realized my responsibility toward others and the world.
Ki and Heart Participant

12 week Course

Tuesdays: 6:30~8:30pm

Sept 19 ~ Dec 5, 2023

Class Limited to 12 Students

Sliding Scale Fee: $120-$240

Course Content

Flame of Hope
Healing Center

Annie Bachmann is a practitioner, teacher, and continuing student of Master Ryokyu and Mayu Endo of Kyoto, Japan. Annie began her study of KiShinDo, Tao Shiatsu, & Nembutsu Chanting in 1992 while living in Kyoto for 4 years. After being trained and certified with the Endos, she returned home to Madison, WI, and in 2000 founded the Tao Sangha Center, now called the Flame of Hope Healing Center.

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