Be Free! movie screening -Toronto

Be Free! Poster

Be Free!

Earth Caravan documentary movie.
Screening on May 12th, from 11am, and from 3:30pm
Free admission.

Be Free! (trailer is in Japanese 2:23. Movie screening will be English subtitle)


Comments from participants.

What was your impression of the movie? / 映画の印象はどうでしたか?

  • Amazing documentary. I felt more people should watch. They need to know the truth.
  • Moving, informative, inspiring.
  • Very moving and inspiring. It was also really educational when discussing the history of Palestine and Israel.
  • It made me cry but it’s good to see some people who want to help. And inspiring to see the hope in the Palestinian people.
  • Very powerful, amazing!
  • Very moving, powerful, but a bit long.
  • It was very thought provoking and inspiring.
  • とても興味深かったです。メディアと 言っている事と違う事をこの映画では言っていたので何が本当の事なのか自分の目で確かめる必要があると思いました。
  • 2015年のアースキャラバン実現に向けてのイベントを行っていた時の気持ちを思い出した。
  • とても密度の濃い素晴らしい旅だった事が感じられました。ニュースではなかなか得られない情報をありがとうございました。

Do you have any questions or comments for the director?

  • Thank you so much for making this documentary. I’m very lucky to witness Earth Caravan and to know the truth. I felt the same way as lots of people feel. It’s easy to pretend that I don’t know or I have no time to see what’s happening. This movie touched my heart and I want to tell other people about this. Thank you again.
  • Gratitude – for putting/creating this movie, it has expanded my awareness and I believe this is so necessary in order to bring peace.
  • I really enjoyed the interviews with the locals in order to get many perspectives that are different from the media.
  • You did a wonderful job of presenting all sides & point of view. Thanks for your effort – it was really worthwhile and many minds and hearts will be opened.
  • Do you see concrete change/action from people who see your movie?
  • I really liked it but it felt a little long.
  • 半分くらいの長さにしてもらえると嬉しいです。大切なシーンをカットするのはとても大変な事だと思いますが、頑張ってください!

Do you have a message for the people of Earth Caravan, who will meet this summer in Palestine and Israel?
この夏、パレスチナとイスラエルで集まるEarth Caravanの皆さんにメッセージはありますか?

  • I send love and prayer to you all. Hope all will be happy soon.
  • I thank you for your efforts and the work that you are doing to promote peace.
  • My thoughts & prayers for peace goes with you!
  • Thank you for spreading peace between people and please continue. Thank you.
  • Drink water. Use sunscreen. Spread hope and joy!
  • Never give up! Keep up your courage to continue to protest peacefully.
  • Keep up the amazing work!
  • I really liked showing the Jewish people trying to help.
  • いつの日か、壁の無い世界になると信じています。幸せを信じています。
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