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learn shodo japanese calligraphy

Learn Shodo – Japanese Calligraphy

SHODO is one of the oldest and most profound traditional art forms in Japan, developed and appreciated since the 5th century.

The world of calligraphy has its long rich history which went through many possible calligraphic styles and expressions during its over 3000 years of existence.

SHODO is not only a highly regarded art form in Japan, but it is also both a skill and anesthetic.
The depth of beauty in SHODO is the result of diverse techniques being accompanied by a flow of brush and ink, essentially with an inner silence/stillness and spiritual concentration.

“SHODO” is a Japanese word which is often translated and described as
“the way of artistic handwriting or beautiful writing”.
Another meaning is “the art of traditional Japanese calligraphy”.
It is written with 2 Kanji characters.

SHO 書: to write, writing
DO 道: the path, the way or the TAO

Three classes on Thursday, October 15,
4:30 – 5:45 pm
6:00 – 7:15 pm
7:30 – 8:45 pm

*Each class is a maximum of 4 students in the one classroom, RSVP.

NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY! Everyone is welcome to come on a drop-in basis, at $18 per class.
All Brushes and paper will be supplied for the class, included in the fee.

Please register for the next class. (call 416-925-7575 or email to toronto@taosangha-na.com)

Classes require a minimum of 3 students.

To Register, please pay the class fee($18) from below(online) or drop-by at Centre.

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