Learn Sumi-E painting – Toronto

Learn Sumi-E painting

The Next Sumi-E Workshop with Mr. Hiroshi Yamamoto (Hakuho) will be on Sunday, October 6th from 1-3pm.

Everyone welcome to join, from beginner to advanced.

Fee: $28. Space is limited, so please sign up.
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Sumi-e is an ink painting. In the Japanese language, “Sumi” means ink and “e” means painting. Ink is painted on washi (rice paper) using brushes, and sometimes subtle watercolor is added. Ink painting was brought from China to Japan six hundred years ago by Zen Buddhist monks, and Japanese ink painting traditions and innovations then developed. In North America, Sumi-e is practiced by artists from many cultural backgrounds, and Sumi-e continues to grow as a creative art form.


Hiroshi Yamamoto (HAKUHO),

received Ruth Yamada Award at the end of 2015 from Canada Sumie Association.

Born in Shiga Prefecture, Japan graduated from the Kyoto Industrial Design Institute and the Kyoto Japanese Art School, studied Japanese Traditional Art and Art History. Hiroshi also studied under Rokuro Yamamoto, a Nihonga master, and is deeply influenced by Hasegawa Tohaku (1539-1610). Hiroshi resides in Canada and has exhibited his work in over twenty solo and group shows.

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