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Monday:4:30 – 6:30 pmJapanese Language Classes
7:00-8:00 pmNembutsu Chanting
Wednesday:3:30-8:00 pmJapanese Language Classes
 Thursday:6:30-8:00 pmShodo (Japanese Calligraphy Class: Twice a month)
4:00-5:30 pmAikido Women Classes (Once a month)
Friday:5:45-9:00 pmAikido Classes
Sunday:9:30-10:30 amNembutsu Chanting (1st and 3rd Sunday of the month)
10:45-12:45 pmKi & Heart Meditation Workshop (Once a month)
1:00 – 3:00 pmSumi-E (Japanese Ink Art Workshop: Once a month)

Tao Sangha Healing Centre is run by Wada Ji Temple and is a place to practice & develop spirituality, energy, and physical & emotional well-being.

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5 days ago

Tao Sangha Toronto

SUN <3> Infinite Development

Infinite development means
the “Infinite Spiritual Development” of self and others.
Usually we think that this Infinite development depends on our will.
Of course, without our will and effort, this state will not appear.
However, if one stays in this state all the time,
especially in meditation or chanting,
One will start noticing that some unknown force
Is supporting one’s concentration.
This is the force of “The One”.
That‘s why, the force of “The One” is called “Other Force”.
Finally one’s effort of being in this state, which is “self force”,
And the force supporting one’s effort will become as one,
self force and Other Force are oneness,
In the infinite spiritual development state.

Actually the Universe itself is the spirit of infinite development.
The Universe is neither material nor flat,
some have imagined as "emptiness".
The actual meaning of emptiness is,
“developing every moment”, ”nothing stopping “.
This means every moment changing.
Only the ego wants to pull it down and stop for its own security.

People will be able to continually be in an infinite state of development all the time,
If their purpose of life is not how to survive but this.
And, people often misunderstood infinite development as
SELF Development,
But, actually being responsible for the spiritual development
of others is the real meaning.
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2 weeks ago

Tao Sangha Toronto

SUN <2> Shinjin (real person)

We often drop into the illusion that we have established our self ,
when we became Adults.
But this is wrong thinking.
How many people have an answer to the question,
"What is the purpose of our life?"
In our existence, who can escape from death?
It’s as if we are taking a journey to death without knowing the purpose,
the destination or the term.
Always Carrying fear in our heart.

Mumyo, no light, is the Buddhist term which means
“No light to walk the path on the Journey of life”.
And this Mumyo is where fear comes from.
And all disasters and suffering are created by this fear in the heart.
And that's why it's written in the Heart Sutra,
that to have relief from fear is
"To be the Rescuer from all suffering and disaster".

Dare I to say this?
That the purpose of life is to be enlightened.
To be reborn in the Pure Land.
“The appearance of the forever Pure Land in the heart”.
Unification with “The One”.
It is to let others receive these too.
And, to rescue all spirits by the super power,
which is born, from the unification with “The One”.

No matter how gorgeous a life you had,
If there is no real purpose there, the result will be misery.
As in the words of a famous psychological experiment
"Desire will be born by copying other’s desires"
And for those who follow their desire,
Their life will be just as a slave’s to the world's karma.

Master Dogen taught that Buddha is truly an adult,
Because he is truly self established.
Because he is not wrongly influenced by the external world.
And because the Buddha, is his self, at any time and at any place.

At the final state of a ‘true person’,
The state of ‘Dharma Nature Action’ will be born.
“The One” will be present in daily life, filled up with Great Love,
the heart and the body will be dropped off *
All self-action will disappear.
And the work of “The One” will appear in the action of daily life.
In the Buddhist sutra, this state is called “Musho-honin”,
Unborn and deepened in Buddha nature.
Shinran, one of the pure land founders, referred to this state as
"True Person of Non Action".

Also in Taoism, as Lao Tzu mentioned,
It is known as "Non Doing but Nature".
In Christianity, the apostle Paul spoke of this same state, when he said
"I am not living any more; Jesus is living in me".
*From Zen, a state where existence disappears, becoming a void, or Buddha nature).
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3 weeks ago

Tao Sangha Toronto


SUN <1> Clear Mirror

To educate others without words but with Ki,
the Clear Mirror reflects Ki back to those who are extending it.
You have experienced this if you are in the Juji state,
The state, in which you see the Heart of other’s.
But please don't misunderstand.
It happens not because "Your Juji heart allows you
to be able to see other’s hearts".
You received this ability in your subconscious,
as “the diamond was tied in the cloth” .
Feeling the ego seed and inside Buddha nature with Heart Unity.
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